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The Circus

The Circus is our first and least difficult escape room but this doesn’t mean you can escape without making an effort! It’s the perfect choice for beginners – even for first-timers – who will find lots of fun puzzles and padlocks inside. It’s not scary at all so we also recommend it for weak-kneed players.

2 players: 6.000 HUF/person (20 EUR / person)
3 players: 4.000 HUF/person (13 EUR / person)
4 players: 3.000 HUF/person (10 EUR / person)
5-6 players: 2.500 HUF/person (9 EUR / person)


– ATTENTION! Children under the age of 14 cannot play our escape rooms and children under the age of 18 can play only under adult supervision! –