Are you a beginner or an enthusiast?

In E-Exit we have 4 escape rooms with different themes and difficulty levels, from which you can find the most suitable game for you.

Be free again!

Santa Muerte
1085 Budapest, Mária u. 19.

Believe Me! Once you try it You will be addicted!

The E-Exit Escape Games offers four themed rooms to embark you on the adventure you want to experience. You will be amazed by the sight and the level of excitement provided by the rooms. They were created in such a way that you will feel great despite being locked in.

Have you ever been to a similar place?

Then come to us with your friends or colleagues; with your family! Here you will enjoy the latest escape-experiences; new ideas, new kinds of puzzles and enchanting visuals. We are waiting for you in the best escape rooms in Budapest…

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What is Escape Game?

Escape the room – also known as room escape or escape game – is one of the most popular games of these days. The point is to get out of rooms – which have a certain themes – by solving different puzzles, codes and signs. This is a very gripping activity: in teams of 2-6 eveyone can experience what it is like to forget everything outside of the room. The game makes our brain work 100% and in the mean time we have a great fun together!

As a child every one of us wanted to hunt for treasures, decrypt secret codes – as we read it in our books… Now in the room escape game this dream can come true and you could be the protagonist! The aim is getting out, though sometimes players can fail. Either way the story ends, working and playing together can highly recharge the members of the team. It is the ultimate team building experience! In our oppinion this provides far better relaxation than a wellness weekend for example -where we basically go with the purpose of doing nothing….