Santa Muerte - Escape Game


The booking price depends on the number of people on your team, and applies for a one hour period of time (60 minutes):

  • 2 persons should pay 12.000 HUF / game
  • 3 to 6 persons should pay 14.000HUF / game

Santa Muerte

Enter the wondrous realm of Santa Muerte!

The Lady of Bones will protect you on your journey in the Garden of Good and Evil, among the shiny eyes of beasts. Though you shall worship the colors in her name for miracles on many fronts: red for Love, blue for Wisdom and green for Wealth.

If your devotion have been proven good, the Protector of the Roadsides will stand on your side to avoid any misfortune from you and your Cab.

Even death-birds will come to your help in ways you least expect. The gracious Saint Death offered you 60 minutes to get the Sombrero of Life, because this is your only hope to escape. Succeed, and you will be gifted with her many blessings. Make one mistake, and you will be trapped in her ever-changing illusions forever.

Here is a copy of the Book of Life. Change it for the real one to get some helps to your trip.