Borzadályos Cirkusz


The booking price depends on the number of people on your team, and applies for a one hour period of time (60 minutes):

  • 2 to 4 persons should pay 10.000 HUF / game
  • 5 to 6 persons should pay 12.000HUF / game


Enter the Little Circus! The place where you must not make any mistakes. If so, you will remain in the hands of the cruel circus director forever!

Here on the circus floor of the arena, you can see the mess before the show; it is a mixture of the assets of the fun-fair around the circus tent, and the assets of the evening lecture itself. There are sad-eyed animals and acrobats in the cages and chests dressed up and waiting for their action to come in the evening show. Meanwhile the tyrent director is spending his afternoon-rest for an hour.

Now you have 60 minutes to set these animals free with solving mind-breakers and puzzles, opening locks, padlocks and codes.

The fortuneteller may help you during the action.

After the hour is passed the evil director returns and the door of the Circus remains locked forever. You will be just one of those sad-eyed acrobats.

Unless someone comes to set you free…