– Everyone uses the E-Exit rooms at their own risk.
– Children under 14 can not come to our escape rooms.
– Children under 18 may enter E-Exit territory only under adult supervision.
– The games can be played in teams of 2 to 6.
– Smoking and using open flame is prohibited in the whole territory of E-Exit games.
– Taking in items that puts your own or others safety at risk (stabbing, cutting weapons, guns, etc.) is strictly forbidden.
– Using E-Exit rooms under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering drug is strictly prohibited!
– We can not take responsibility for thefts, and items are lost or damaged in the territory of E-Exit games.
– Lighting equipments (flashlight, laser etc.) can not be used, nore can be taken into the rooms. You can not even use the light of your cellphone.
– Usage of any tools suitable for recording audio or video is strictly prohibited!
– Reimbursement of paid entrants for any reason shall not be required.
– The one who violates any of the above rules, or can not keep the instructions of the staff is removed immediately from the E-Exit area, and if necessary, we take the appropriate legal action.
– We kindly ask the persons suffering from serious illness (e.g. heartproblems) or sensitive to dark, narrow places, and their condition may get worse in places like this, do not visit E-Exit rooms!

Keeping these rules and listening carefully to the instructions of the E-Exit staff is serve your greater pleasure and safety!